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Get Together!! July 31-August 4, 2012

Every year the Popular Rotorcraft Association  holds the largest international convention of Homebuilt Rotorcraft.

Most years the convention is held in Mentone Indiana at the Mentone Airport C92.

12296 N 600 S
Phone 574-353-7227

The PRA International Convention is a Mecca for homebuilding pilots, attracting fans from all over the globe!

Unlike other events, the PRA Convention is centered on HOMEBUILT ROTORCRAFT and rotorcraft related activities, fans and interests.

The PRA Convention is packed full of seminars, forums, contests, events, ceremonies and lots of homebuilt rotorcraft flying and resources.


The Convention is a good place to:

Bring your rotorcraft project for help and advise

Buy or sell your rotorcraft.

Meet an instructor and take your first gyroplane ride.

Make friends and acquaintances.

Fly your gyro or helicopter with others.

Display your hard work and maybe win an award or recognition

Watch rotorcraft fly and compete.

Have a drink, meal and exchange hangar stories around a bonfire.

Buy or sell used parts and paraphernalia.

Attend the membership meeting and get in touch with the PRA officers and get them in touch with you.

Attend a forum or seminar on such topics as stability, building, new technologies in engines and airframes, women pilotage, FAA rules and regs, amateur certification of aircraft, rotorcraft instruction and much more.

Hotel Reservations?

See the PRA web site or call the office for recommendations for loging at the convention. ( Click on the Convention Map on the Right of this Page)

Powered and non-powered camping sites are available.

Pilots and Future Pilots, Welcome to the 2010 PRA International Rotorcraft Convention!

Although many people come just for the forums, seminars, events and educational resources of the convention, many people would like to join in the flying!
This  is a general guide to getting a ride or lesson in an experimental rotorcraft on one side and a guide to pilots that want to wish to fly at the convention on the other.
Please keep in mind that changes to the event rules and policies may have changed since this document was updated.
Be sure to check with your instructor, flight brefer or airboss for changes and updates.

I would like to get a ride in a gyro or helicopter!

That is GREAT news. Along the flight line are vendors and some of them are CFI’s (Certified Flight Instructors).

Be sure to ask early as they can get booked very quickly.

Why do they call it introductory training instead of a ‘ride’?

Because the term ‘ride’ might be confused with commerical operations not permitted in experimental (kit built) aircraft CFI often give introductory lessons rather then ‘rides’.

Don’t worry you won’t have to pilot the aircraft if you don’t want to. The good news is the CFI will answer questions during the flight and explain the principles of flight.

Can I get lessons at the  convention?

Yes, Most CFI’s offer introductory lesson flights at the convention.

If you have already had an introductory flight and would like to learn more talk to your CFI about making arrangments early in the convention schedule.

Not all CFI’s will give regular training at the convention because the airport is so busy. Some may train at a nearby airport.

If possible, contact a CFI in advance of the convention to make arrangements.

To Fly Your Aircraft As A participent in the Convention

You Are Required To Have 2 Things:

1. A Colored “Dot” sticker visable to the airboss indicating you have attended that day’s Pilot Briefing

2. A PRA Profeciency PassCard, Indicating you are a properly rated pilot or have demonstrated the required skills to a CFI.

You do NOT need a PassCard or Dot if you are only flying INTO the convention and then LEAVING the event. PassCards and dots for for pilots flying in contests, the pattern, shows, showcases, demos and events. For more information simply ask the AirBoss after you arrive.

PPC Pilots: This year you will possibly be parking in the grass runway section labeled “helicopter parking” on last years map. Please stay tuned for details.


Vendors, Event Managers, Flying Clubs !


If you would like to participate as a VENDOR, bring in your CAR or MOTORCYCLE club or FLY your pilots club in for FOOD or to even participate in the event please contact Scott Lewis:


The PA-18 MAY be visiting the 2010 PRA Convention

007 Commander Ken Wallis MAY come to the PRA Convention, Please contact the PRA for fund-raising details.

007 Commander KEN WALLIS may be able to attend the 2010 Convention.

Please contact if you can help fund or fund raise for the cost of Cmdr Wallis’s visit.

Some nearby airports:

KRCR – Fulton County Airport (7 nm SW)
KASW – Warsaw Municipal Airport (13 nm NE)
C65 – Plymouth Municipal Airport (17 nm NW)
C03 – Nappanee Municipal Airport (19 nm N)
I76 – Peru Municipal Airport (22 nm S)

Millennium Helicopters will be giving FREE DEMOs to any properly rated pilot!